How To Naturally Brighten Your Smile

It is a shame when you cover your mouth when you smile as the color of the teeth is embarrassing as years of staining have made the color change to yellow and the result in lost confidence.

Well if the teeth are healthy then whitening is a really easy option to brighten the teeth and consequently brighten your smile. Below are some practical, healthy and safe ways so that you can discover how to naturally brighten your smile through whitening your teeth.  If you are after something more instant, try our friends Gogosmile who sell Teeth Whitening Products Across New Zealand & Australia.


1. Use of lemon

Have you ever heard about brushing your teeth with fresh lemon or peeling off some of the lemon and rubbing it across your teeth, and heard that this is a safe and effective way if you are on the search for ways to whiten teeth? The truth is that lemons are not particular the best way to whiten you teeth effectively and safely. This is because its acidic properties get rid of your tooth enamel which is very important as you may have guessed! This is not worth whitening your teeth for as your tooth enamel cannot be re-grown or fixed if significantly damaged.


2. Teeth whitening using strawberry.

Whilst still on the fruit topic, if you have ever heard of strawberry teeth whitening then this is something you must be wary of as strawberries contain acidic properties also and the seeds can ruin your gums or maybe your teeth if you rub it against them with too much force.


3. Crunchy vegetables.

A healthy natural way to whiten teeth is through eating crunchy vegetables as they are naturally rough and have a course texture so will scrub away stains and any plaque that you might have. So try and keep a regular intake of carrots, celery and broccoli in your diet! So really it all comes down to really assessing your tooth whitening techniques, even if they are natural and seem completely harmless as sometimes the most innocent of things can be deceiving and unknowingly be wearing away your teeth and have the opposite effect hen whitening them.

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