Popular Jobs in Tasmania

School’s out! It is time to put your rosters aside and take a break from studying. While many people would probably have found some fun, exciting things to do over the holidays, others would like to make their break well spent by getting a job to fill up their time (and at the same time, earn some extra pocket money). Here are some popular jobs in tasmania you can do during the summer!


This is one of the most popular jobs around. There is always a kid in the neighborhood that needs some taking care of while their parents are out at work or have plans to follow. Check out if your neighbors would like a hand in taking care of their kids. Some babysitting jobs are only for a short time in a day, perhaps while the parents would like to have an uninterrupted romantic dinner. Others can be a whole day long as the parents are out on a trip or an event.



For some people, the school does not end even during the holidays. Instead, it is the time to brush up on where they left. Indeed, some students will be looking for tutors to help them with their studies. If you are right in specific subjects, you can use your knowledge to teach ways to remember their syllabus better.


Promotional model jobs

Summer is the time when there will be abundant of events being held because more people will have the free time to go about. Hence, there will be many promotional model jobs available that require tasks like promoting things, giving out samples, or even creating awareness about products or services. Look out for events that will be held soon like exhibitions or celebrations, which are when lots of vacancies for the job are available. However, one will need to have good looks and a pleasant personality to carry off promotional model jobs.


House-to-house odd jobs

Odd jobs are any jobs one can do. It could range from cleaning up the place, painting the house, helping with the gardening, washing the car, or other things that can be done at home, except that you are doing it for other people. If you go house to house, there will probably be something that can be helped out with. Do not be afraid to get down and dirty because this is where your money comes from. Plus, you can charge more when a job is heavier.

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