Watching our parents become weaker as we watch is probably one of the hardest things we have to do as children. Worse, we are powerless to change this. If your dad loves fishing and likes to indulge in these trips, it’s not likely that he’ll put a stop to it¾just because you feel he’s less capable nowadays. Instead of stopping his trips, use the below tips to make his trips safer for him.

Make Sure Someone Reliable Is Always On The Boat With Him

First, make sure never to tell your dad you want someone “more reliable” than him in on the boat. That not only will offend him, it will also make him rebel against it. instead, put it out like companionship and a safety measure. It’s a common belief that fishing trips are always safer when done in pairs.

Direct Them To Safer Fishing Areas

Your dad might have been able to fish in risky water before this, but now that you feel he’s not as fit and as able as he used to be before, gently guide him to trying out calmer waters instead. It would be better if his fishing companion makes these suggestions. You could also try that “relaxed” or “less populated” trick!

Keep The Boat Well-Maintained At All Times

Since we’ve established it that he can no longer control or handle the ship as well as he was able to before, now is the time his ship should be in the best condition. This means giving it regular updates and keeping it squeaky clean trouble wise. It’s also best to make sure things like the boat seats or other frequently used things are in prime condition to prevent injuries as well as soreness.

Update The First Aid Kit Regularly 

Every boat should have a first aid kit, and if your ship doesn’t, it’s high time you install one. Make sure to keep it in an easy reach and find a spot. You should also make sure that it includes your dad’s regular medicines as well. If your dad as a blood pressure problem, then make sure to include pressure tablets to the kit as well. This kit needs to be updated very regularly for it to be useful when the time comes.

Give Your Father A Power Bank For His Phone

Unlike the young generation, the older generation is not very keen on carrying around power banks as backup for a battery for their phone. This inevitably means your dad will eventually run out of battery while out on the water, especially if he likes using it while fishing, or if he often forgets to charge his phone before heading out. To avoid having him out there phoneless, and you worrying needlessly back home, it is best if you gift him with a power bank, exclusively for his fishing trips. You’ll have to see to charging it before he leaves on his trips because he most likely will not bother or remember to do it himself.

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