Company outings are one of the most eagerly awaited corporate events of the entire year for all employees and it is a way for the employers to reward their troops for all their hard work. However, this can become an unappealing chore rather than an exciting activity if a proper amount of time is not spent planning everything there is to it. A perfect office trip will boost employee morale and bring them closer to create a healthier, more inspired business as a whole. In this article, we will provide you with a few great suggestions for your next corporate excursion to make it a memorable one.

Go Bowling

Bowling is a universally loved sporting activity that anyone can enjoy, regardless of how much experience they have in the sport. Inform the staff about the idea, set a convenient date and instruct them to form teams (preferably splitting into departments) and making things official by designing a jacket or a cap to compete with each other in a bowling battle. Find a bowling alley that is located close by and get everyone on board. Organize a reward for the winning team and if everyone loves the experience, you may even consider making it an annual competitive event.

Take a Tour

Your staff is probably weary of spending a major portion of all five weekdays crouched up in their cubicles, crunching numbers or making calls to boost the organization. A great idea for the next outing would be to take them on a tour to explore the great outdoors with their co-workers to get a little closer to nature. This doesn’t necessarily have to cost you an awful lot and is one activity with great value for everyone. Organize a cheap Great Ocean road tour  to witness the coastal splendour of one of the most scenic regions of Australia.

Head to the Arcade

No one really outgrows their love for gaming, no matter how old they may be! Heading with your troops to the arcade to play some of the classic games and relive the good old days will be a terrific way to spend an afternoon away from the office. You can simply let everyone play all the games they love or raise the stakes and make things more interesting by splitting into groups and competing against one another. Compete all afternoon long and reward the winning group with something that they will really enjoy like a fancy lunch or gift vouchers.

Rent a Beach House

If everyone is willing and able to dedicate an entire weekend, renting a house by the beach will be the perfect way to spend time with your troops away from the office. Look for a house located on a scenic beach and has all the facilities that you will require. Renting a fancy place that everyone is going to love will certainly cost a little more than you would want, but they deserve it after all their hard work and they will appreciate the gesture in their coming years of employment.

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