There are mainly two things you need to ensure when renovating or refurbishing your home: future value of improvements and necessity. Certain home improvements offer short-term value before you need to spend more money on a fix. Long-lasting improvements, on the other hand, offer the best value you can enjoy for decades. Here are money-saving home improvement ideas that will essentially future-proof your home:

Build Wood or Stone Flooring

Tile floors are relatively cheap compared to stone or high-quality wood floors. But did you know that a real, top-notch wooden floor can last a century or more? The same goes for stone, one of the hardiest materials found in nature. When redoing the flooring, think about the long-term impact of the material you choose. Using high-end wooden or stone material right now might feel expensive, but imagine the returns you can get in the next 100 years! So seriously consider overlooking cheaper material in favour of better floors.

Top Coat for Painted Walls

Homeowners typically expect to paint over the walls several times as needed within two or three decades. You can avoid recurring repainting expenses by using a top coat or a glossy finish over the colours you choose. Also, avoid DIYing. Hire professional local Gold Coast painters to do the paintjob properly in a manner that would last years. Repainting can be cheap, but when the expenses continue to occur, you will be losing money. Therefore, dish out some cash now for the professionals.

Upgrade Appliances

If the kitchen appliances are already over a decade old, don’t rebuild the kitchen around them. Sell them and buy newer appliances with more features and higher levels of energy efficiency. If an old appliance works just fine, then you don’t need to replace it. But if you require more utility now, it’s best to upgrade the appliances as soon as possible to future-proof your home.

Insulate the Attic

Lack of attic insulation can cause a home to become less energy efficient and spend more money on electricity bills. You can easily avoid years of extra energy bills by insulating the attic right now. It could also potentially prevent a pest infestation that will spread to the busier rooms of the house.

Increase the Kitchen Storage Wherever Possible

When you are redoing the kitchen, your main concern would most likely be budget and aesthetics. But you really should add storage to that list as well. Most homeowners lament on lack of kitchen storage. The more is really the merrier, even if the kitchen in the house is large. Extra kitchen storage increases the sell value of the house as well. When you are looking at long-term benefits, optimal kitchen storage is an absolute must.

Invest in the HVAC System

Spending some money on centralising and overall improving the current HVAC system could possibly be the best financial decision you take regarding your home. If the existing HVAC system your home is over a 5 years old, moving on to a newer system would save you money on the long haul.

Instead of doing quick and cheap home improvements, consider the long-term value of adding anything new to the house. Use the above tips to benefit from better features and money saving on the long run.

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