Travelling helps you to broaden your mind, explore new places and also discover yourself. By travelling you find out about your passion, your likes and dislikes. If you ever get the chance don’t miss out the opportunity of travelling. Experts also recommend doing solo travelling at least once in your life to truly understand yourself. One doesn’t need too much money on travelling, you can do it on a budget as well. Here is your ultimate guide for travelling.

Get Your Own Transport

Sometimes transport can be a major cost especially in countries like the UK where transport such as cab is expensive. So if you have an international license make use of the opportunity and drive yourself in the city. So hire a car or a motorbike and thanks to the technology GPS have got you covered to ensure you don’t get lost in an unknown city. Even when going to the airport you don’t need to take a cab, they can be super inconvenient because sometimes they get late and also charge extra when you have more luggage. Instead, you could take your own car and park it at airport and shuttle to Melbourne airport. They take care of your vehicle when you are away. You could enjoy the free shuttle service which is fully air-conditioned to ensure that you get to your destination on time.

Get In Touch With Locals

If you are solo travelling then it is important for you to get in touch with the locals. This way you will be able to know better places to visit in the country which Google might not show. So a good idea is to stay in a backpack hotel, they go easy on the pocket and also help you to meet people from different worlds. This could even be a start of a lifelong friendship so do check them out at least once. Also make sure you get a local sim because you won’t have Wi-Fi everywhere.  Also make sure you download their local apps for example in India Ola is more popular and cheaper compared to the international app uber. So try to get the best value for your hard earned money.

Have A Plan

Unfortunately, holidays usually have a limited time frame and it is best to plan it way ahead to make the best of these days. Do your research in advance, different people want different kinds of holidays some want to relax and chill by the beach whereas others want adventure. Depending on how you like it do your research, this way you won’t waste your holiday by staying in the room most of the time. If you are travelling through an agency then they would do all the needful and get your tour planned. However, the latter is expensive.

Lastly, have a budget and try to stick to it. This is because if you spend too much then you might get into cash problems once you get back or even find it difficult to survive on the rest of the trip. So make sure you stick to it.

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