Croydon is one of the most beautiful albeit not widely spoken about towns in Queensland, Australia. Overshadowed by the bigger cities offering more tourist-friendly services such as Brisbane, Cairnes and Rockhampton, Croydon is not popular for destination weddings. However the town has so much to offer and can actually be a better location for your big day than anywhere else. Here are the reasons why.

It Is Private And Makes You Feel Comfortable

The most wonderful thing about the town is its size. It is relatively small and while there is a population of nearly a 100 thousand people, it is not very densely populated making it possible for you to have privacy and a sense of comfort in your wedding. It is just you and the people you love and care for in your big day, the way it should be. There is no traffic congestion, no pollution, everything is peaceful and makes you feel good on your wedding day. Furthermore this also means there is no interruption at all. Everybody wants a wedding where they can feel at peace and in this amazing town that can be a reality.

There Are Many Wedding Venues To Choose From

Even though the town is small it boasts a different location for your wedding each offering something unique and interesting. You can find a wedding venue in Croydon that is located in the main town with restaurant facilities so you are close to urban centres. Or else you can opt for a more private area where you can experience nature and the gorgeous landscapes, and you are spoilt for choices. Furthermore, these are not expensive. If you want your wedding at a resort in Cairns you would need to spend thousands of dollars. However it is much more affordable in Croydon. So you can still have a gorgeous wedding but without having to dig too deep into your wallet.

The People Are Very Friendly And Sociable.

A problem that many people tend to have with big cities is that most residents tend to be quite cold and unwelcoming to strangers. So asking for help or just getting to know the area can be a bit difficult. However in Croydon, people are very friendly and they would love to give you a helping hand. If you need a few extra waiters at the wedding, you will be able to form them in no time. Furthermore if a person likes you, they would be more than happy to provide you with services for a good discount. So you can save some money while making friends that would last a lifetime.

Ultimately Croydon may not be able to provide you with a luxurious and extravagant wedding. However what it offers, it does so with a lot of heart making it one of the best places for you to hold a wedding. There is nothing like having a wedding filled with people who love you and care for you. Where you  can enjoy yourself without worrying about privacy or any interruptions. All while having a lovely time filled with positivity. Furthermore the gorgeous environment and landscape is the perfect icing on top.
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